Thursday, November 01, 2012

Forked tongue or Godly tongue? Jeremiah 23:21

Good morning all! God is good all the time, all the time God is good.  TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!
   Let us jump back to some verses prior to Jeremiah 23:28. Let us view them, think about them, and visit about them.  Take Jeremiah 23:21 KJV "I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied."  
     Life App Bible "I have not sent these prophets, yet they run around claiming to speak for me. I have given them no message, yet they go on prophesying."
   In Jeremiah's time those who claimed to speak for God often represented the local god, or Baal. The neighborhood god.  False prophets dreams are not from God, but from their own thinking.  They showed great diligence and zeal, and made haste to tell the people what the Lord had never said to them, but what were the warm imaginations of their own heads and hearts.
   How many times do we follow false gods or do things against God, yet try to give God the credit?  Beware false prophets as you venture out and open yourselves to the world today.  Constantly, throughout the day, be in tune to God and what He wants you to do.  Be not a false prophet, but a man (woman) who follows God and displays Jesus in his (her) daily walk and actions. 
   BE WARE!    GOT GOD?!?  Love you all.
In Christ's Love and Grace


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